July 16, 2005

More growth for Fernley

If it seems to you like houses are springing up in Fernley like mushrooms after a rain, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Town fathers gave the thumbs-up to a huge development that is being proposed south of Fernley in the Fernley Hills area.


The Council also approved the BC Ranch tentative subdivision map to divide the project into 2,178 single-family parcels, 1,010 multi-family units, 39.68-acre commercial site, 11.74-acre school site and 180.91 acres of open space.


The build-out of the project is estimated at 15-20 years; and according to the BC Design Standards Manual, it will include a “mix of single family residential villages, multi-family housing sites, commercial properties, an elementary school site and open spaces.”
The manual further indicated, “A total of 13 individual single family residential villages with varying lot sizes are planned within the BC Ranch community.
“A full build-out, approximately 2,174 single-family dwelling units, are anticipated. Individual villages will be sold to various builders who may reconfigure lots during final design to accommodate specific product type.”
BC Ranch also has three areas that will be designated multi-family residential.
The manual reads, “These areas are designated for a maximum density of 20 units per acre.
“At full build-out, approximately 1,010 multi-family units are anticipated.”

1 comment:

John F said...

Its time someone started talking about the concept of intelligent community planning with respect to Fernely and Lyon County in general.

It seems to me the developers are having things too much their way, while we will be left with a congested crowded mess if building continues without some heed to transportation and development issues. There's a right way to develop a community and a wrong way, and 90% of most US cities and towns don't have a clue.

Having come from a region where there was no thought at the county level about the results of development, it looks like Fernely is about ready to go down the same path.

Goodby tranquil little town, hello traffic, pollution, and noise. If it keeps up we'll be moving out to Frenchman to get some relief from the encroaching urban blight.