February 13, 2006

Get a life? Get a clue!

In Friday's Nevada Appeal I read this letter to the editor (scroll down). Charles Kittredge of Carson City asserts:

Democrats sick of same ol' from party

I have a question to ask you. Why did you not report on the spot poll conducted by CBS just after our president's speech? Did you know that 77 percent of those responding approved of the speech? Now, since we all know very few Republicans or conservatives watch CBS then who were the respondents? I bet they were made up of mostly good Democrats who are sick and tired of the same old hatred coming from their representatives. And probably sickened by the display put on by the left aisle.

You people seriously need to get a life.
At first blush, it may appear that Mr. Kittredge is speaking as an outraged Democrat, but there are a couple of red flags that pop up. First, there is his assertion that few Republicans or conservatives watch CBS News. And he would know this how? He implies that this "spot poll" polled only CBS viewers. But what is the methodology of this poll? If it was an online poll, the poll could have been overwhelmed by Bush supporters (or some other group) and therefore not a scientifically accurate poll. Or was the CBS poll an actual poll conducted by CBS, which I would assume would not limit itself to CBS viewers but would, in fact, be a random poll sampling respondents from across the country. However, Mr. Kittredge does not elaborate and we are left to take his trumpeting of this poll's 77% approval of Bush's speech with a generous portion of salt, especially in light of subsequent opinion polls that show that Bush got no bump in his approval ratings after the speech and remains in the 38-42% approval range.

In a quick reading of this letter, one might think that Mr. Kittredge is one of those "good Democrats" he speaks of in his letter. Nope. Mr. Kittredge, the public voter files tells me, is a registered Republican, and dutifully parrots the latest Republican talking points that "good" Democrats are disgusted with the Angry Democrats™.

Rather than the Nevada Appeal getting a life, methinks it is Mr. Kittredge who needs to get a clue and take a good long look at his own party whose blind fealty to George W. Bush has spawned an administration that asserts the absolute supremacy of the executive branch over the other two branches of government (in direct violation of the US Constitution's checks and balances), an administration that ignores any law it doesn't like, refuses to cooperate with any Congressional investigation that might bring embarrassment (or worse) to the White House, claims immunity from any judicial or Congressional oversight by claiming "national security," openly admits to breaking a law (FISA) that forbids warrantless wiretapping of Americans and boasts that it will continue to do so no matter what Congress or the Courts has to say about it.

Mr. Kittredge should be worried about a President and executive branch that has literally thrown down the gauntlet not merely to Democrats, but to his own party's Senators, Representatives and federal judges. My God, George W. Bush and his posse of Constitution haters, are daring their own party to stop them. Sadly, it appears that Republicans have neither the will nor the spine to do so. Worse yet, it appears that they are willfully enabling their own irrelevance.

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