February 28, 2006

Maybe we should have a bake sale?

So far, Six Mile Canyon is left hanging. Storey and Lyon Counties are creating a joint resolution, still to be voted on by each county commission, and then will be going with hat in hand to the state and the feds. Reading the story tells me that the road isn't getting repaired anytime soon. Fer cryin' out loud, the extra gas tax revenue provided by the longer commutes of Lyon and Storey residents should be enough to cover the repairs. There are lots of problems in leaving the road in the condition it is in right now. Beyond the longer commutes of residents finding go-arounds to get where they are going,

A solution can't come too soon for the Storey County Fire Department, which has numerous concerns over safety issues regarding the road.

"We're already geographically a remote county, so it does have an impact to us because it cuts off an artery we are accustomed to using," said Eric Guevin, acting fire marshal for Storey County.

Guevin said first response to an emergency should not be affected due to a mutual aid agreement with the Central Lyon County Fire District, but that in a significant emergency incident, service could be delayed.

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