March 31, 2006

RGJ takes on the state of rural EMS

I do a lot of driving in my job as an organizer for the Nevada State Democratic Party. Aside from the fact that there are vast swaths of Nevada without any cell reception at all, leaving me to worry about my fate should I have car trouble, more than that I think about what my fate would be if, God forbid, I were involved in an accident. I am not sure what the answer to this is, but it really is something we all need to be thinking about and bringing to our elected and soon-to-be-elected representatives, both locally and nationally.

Check out this very excellent series put together by the Reno Gazette-Journal on the state of rural emergency services.

Check this page for a comparison of counties and rural emergency services. Here is how Lyon County's stack up. And considering that the statistics are based on twenty years of data (we all are aware of the explosive growth in Lyon County over the last five years), it would seem to me that the picture may be even grimmer than this shows.

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truckee river blogger said...

With Lyon County among the top 10 fastest growing counties in the nation, you'd think funds would be coming in for infrastructure, from first responders to road upgrades. But no. There's a six billion dollar price tag for road construction in Clark County alone. Guess who gets the dough? It's another example of growth not paying for itself. And an example of the rurals being treated like colonies of the cities.