July 10, 2006

Ensign...just as radical as the rest of 'em

Take a trip over to Desert Beacon who is doing an excellent job of showing just exactly what sort of 'compassionate conservative' John Ensign is. As DB puts it:

So, Senator Ensign, do you stand by your Republican colleagues on the Budget Committee and recommend that we cut food safety inspections, rural development grants, energy conservation, special education funding, employment training, and the Indian Health Service? It's one thing to speak in campaign generalities about "letting us poor folk keep our hard earned money...," it's another to have to take a position on specific programs that benefit some of us most of the time, and a few of us all the time. If Republicans want to haul out the "accountability banner" then it's only fair that they be held accountable for the specific legislation they'd enact during their terms of office. So, where are the Triumphant Trio of Ensign, Porter, and Gibbons on the provisions of S. 3521?

Read this post and then this post for the straight dope on what exactly those creeps in Washington are proposing and how it will hit us all.

Go Jack Carter!!! Go!!!

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