July 10, 2006

Some choice...

I got contacted by a telephone survey last night. Took about half an hour and really cut into "Intervention" (a new episode may I add...thank goodness for TiVo's pause feature) Anyway, the survey was about Nevada politics, energy and Yucca Mountain in particular. I wonder what group sponsored this survey? First of all, when asking me if I had heard of any groups regarding the dump at Yucca Mountain, not once did they ask me if I had ever heard of Citizen Alert or any other group opposing the dump at Yucca Mountain. Every group they mentioned seemed to be corporate or government entities that are pro-Yucca.

And the survey questions seemed based on the premise that the dump was a done deal and that basically, they wanted to know how and by whom the dump should be managed, etc.

Secondly, in one part of the survey I was asked: "If the election for governor were held today, would you vote for the Republican Jim Gibbons or the Democrat Jim Gibson?" Uh...there are several other candidates for this office, I told the surveyor and refused to answer the question.

Oh yeah, when asked about what sorts of sources of energy I would like to see developed in Nevada I was given two choices: Nuclear or Coal. No mention of solar or wind or geo-thermal. So, you be the judge on who was behind this "survey."

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