August 2, 2006

Cathylee James shines in RGJ side-by-side comparison

Go check out this side by side comparison in the Reno Gazette-Journal of Assembly District 38 candidates, Cathylee James (D) and Tom Grady (Incumbent-R). Cathylee rocks!!


JWH said...


Who in their right mind would vote for Tom Grady? That's absolutely hillarious, cls.

Cathylee James has exactly what it takes for State Assembly District 38 and Tom Grady obviously doesn't. That is by far the worst interview I've read in my life.

Cathylee James should get this job and I'll make sure to tell my friends.


Q: What will you do to manage the state’s water resources?

Tom Grady: "This cannot be answered in a short paragraph. Must inventory our basins to see where and what amounts of water. Issue building permits only when water is available. Hold communities whole before basin water transfers are allowed."



DesertBeacon said...

Good catch and post. Sort of paraphrasing Spencer Tracy in "Inherit the Wind," -- "does Tom Grady ever think about the things he does think about?"