August 16, 2006

What's wrong with this headline?

Does the Nevada Appeal know that there was a partisan primary in the County Commissioners race? Here's the headline:

Incumbent Hillyard defeated in Lyon commission race

Uh. No. He was defeated in the Republican primary. Charles Lawson won the Democratic primary.

The one sentence story did nothing to illuminate:
Veil and Duke will face off in sheriff's contest


tarlos25 said...

This brings up a question of mine. Being new to the area, I don't know much about either of the candidates (or any of them for that matter). Is there somewhere online that has good information about the two running for commissioner? I saw the sheriff's forum, but I couldn't make it to the commissioner's forum.

cls said...

You can check out Charles Lawson's web site at Also check out the Lyon County Democrats web site for more info on Dem candidates. Click on the link to your right.

tarlos25 said...

I've looked at both of those websites, as well as several others, including's side-by-side candidate comparisons (for the candidates that even bothered to respond to it). And all told, there are very few bits of information available for local candidates regarding issues. There is some biographical information, but I don't care all that hard, how old someone is, or whether they're married, or where they were born, etc. All of that is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the headline re Chet was correct. He WAS defeated in the sense that he won't be back next time. He just was eliminated in the division playoff, not in the Super Bowl.