September 21, 2006

Media Coverage of Fernley Candidates Night

First off, I'd like to thank Betty Aleck for sitting through the three hours of candidates speeches and Q & A last week at Fernley Elementary School in Fernley. For the most part, we sat in a hot room and listened. I also appreciate the Leader-Courier's extensive coverage of the local candidates and even printing verbatim, School Board Trustee Candidate Joe Slabbinck's written statement to the group. The article does not appear to have made it to the online version of the Leader-Courier, so I cannot link to it.

However, I am quite disappointed that the Leader-Courier (and I don't assume this was Aleck's decision) chose to ignore both our State Senate candidates and our State Assembly candidates, as well as the fact that the only candidates running for any state constitutional offices who bothered to make an appearance were Democrats Catherine Cortez Masto (candidate for Attorney General) and Kim Wallin (candidate for State Controller). I know that both women specifically travelled to northern Nevada to attend this candidates night and it's a shame that they were ignored by our local media.

Aside from a snarky comment by Larry McPherson inferring that Charles Lawson is a couch potato, the only sparks that flew that night were between Assembly District 38 incumbent Tom Grady and challenger Cathylee James. You would never have known that reading the Leader-Courier article yesterday. James challenged Grady's record in the Assembly, but not a peep out of the Leader-Courier.

In the State Senate race, this is the battle of the preachers! Both candidates are either current or retired ministers and both present differing visions for the future of Nevada. Again...silence from the Leader-Courier.

Finally, both Catherine Cortez Masto and Kim Wallin were articulate and engaging and took questions from the audience regarding their qualifications and goals for their respective offices. Not a word from the Leader-Courier.

Perhaps I have missed something and the Leader-Courier intends to cover these candidates in a later issue, but it did not say so in the article, so I have to assume that there will be no coverage.

Oh, and for the record, Charlie Lawson and I may not agree on everything, but Charlie walked this entire county and knocked on every Democrat's door that he could find to ask them for their vote in the primary - couch potato he is not.

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DesertBeacon said...

You're absolutely right, there's precious little coverage of the down ticket races by any of the papers. They've obsessed with polling (easy way out of writing issue articles?) and have relegated the constitution races to "by the way" status. Thanks for your update!