September 24, 2006

Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

BlueInKansas over at DailyKos gives us all a needed boost and kick in the rear.

He fought. I fought. I never, EVER regret that I had hope that he would survive. I don't regret giving up my home or my car. I can look myself in the mirror every day knowing that I did everything I possibly could to save his life.

Now you are probably wondering what the hell this has to do with anything. Please allow me to explain. Our beloved country is in grave peril. She is breathing her dying breath. There is a treatment that may save her. That treatment is to get the Democratic party into power. It doesn't matter how crappy you think your Democratic candidate is. We need them. It is a crucial part of the treatment for the cancer eating this country at an ever frantic pace. The party has an agenda. It has no forum to bring it to light. By giving them congress we get our voices heard. They will work for us.

I am tired. I am exhausted. Every person who frequents this forum and works their asses off for our cause is tired. Don't take your eye off the ball now. Not when we are this close. Falling apart now IS NOT AN OPTION.

When my husband was facing death, I didn't wring my hands and move to Canada. I fought.

FIGHT DAMN IT! Suck it up one last time. We are soooo close to saving her. Don't abandon her now. She needs us all standing shoulder to shoulder, with our petty grievences with one another laid aside.

Read the comments too. This one especially got me:
We were fortunate to be born here, to be defended by the noblest Americans our military can muster, to be able to stand on the shoulders of ancestors who fought and died, over and over for the privilege we are finally living. And now we have the great task, privilege and responsibility, really, to "fight them [Bush cabal and cronies] here", rather than there. Who said any heroes ever thought they had a choice? Did the colonists and soldiers in the Revolutionary Army? Did the Founding Fathers? Can you imagine Crispus Attucks, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry equivocating, deliberating about whether to defend what they held most dear? How about civil rights marchers? Or anti-Vietnam protesters? No? NO.

Respectfully, anyone who posts here or elsewhere about dashing to Canada or elsewhere in the face of the Bush/Cheney/Rove onslaught, or who whines about giving up on the Democratic party's efforts in this CRUCIAL election just because they're human and make mistakes, or who gets upset about our country's dire future under Bush should be labeled an "Anxiety Troll". This label would join "Concern Troll" and the good old, conflict-seeking "Troll".

Legitimate, constructive criticism of the Democratic Party's mistaken strategeries, and so forth, have their place here, because we all want to support our party to do it right, do it well. But whiny, critical diaries and posts that offer no counterbalancing hope or practical solutions/resources are "anxiety trolls" at work, as far as I'm concerned.

May I second that? I hear from people who have plenty to tell me on how the Democratic Party is doing it wrong and how "they" should do this or that. The thing is, I never see these people walking neighborhoods, reaching out to their friends and neighbors, registering voters, stuffing lit packets, staffing county Dem offices or any thing. I don't even see their $$ supporting local parties. Do they not see that the Democratic Party isn't a monolithic entity over THERE. It is us. And like any family, we are bound to have our differences. Like any family, there are going to be times when some of us are on the ropes and counting on the rest to pick up our slack. But, my goodness, consider the alternative people. Two more years of George W. Bush and his band of thieves wreaking havoc on our country with no one to hold him in check? I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen. Will you?

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