September 24, 2006

Who do we report Dean Heller to?

JWH over on Say NO to Dawn and Jim Gibbons says Dean Heller is breaking NDOT rules of the road for political signs.

That isn't the only law he is breaking. He is breaking Nevada election law regarding the CONTENT of campaign signs. Take a good look at his signs. Tell me if you can see a "For" or "Elect" anywhere on his signs. No. They just say, "Dean Heller Congress" on them. The thing is, signs like that imply incumbency, and that is against Nevada election law.

NRS 294A.340 Creating implication that candidate is incumbent. A person shall not use the name of a candidate in a way that implies that the candidate is the incumbent in office in any material, statement or publication supporting the election of a candidate unless:

1. The candidate is qualified to use the term “reelect” pursuant to NRS 294A.330; or

2. The candidate:

(a) Was appointed to the identical office with the same district number, if any, after the most recent election to fill that office; and

(b) Is serving and has served continuously in that office since the date of appointment.

(Added to NRS by 1989, 961)—(Substituted in revision for NRS 294A.058)

Hmmm...I haven't been around a very long time, but every candidate I have ever spoken to understands this to mean that you must say "For" or "Elect" on your campaign signs if you have never held that office before. In fact, the State of Nevada Campaign Guide 2006, provided by Dean Heller, Secretary of State, says just that on page 6:
It is recommended that candidates use the term "elect," "for," or other identifier so as not to create the implication of incumbency.
Methinks Dean Heller thinks he has a lock on this Congressional seat and therefore doesn't need to do what other candidates do to get elected, like, you know, follow the rules, or even tell you what they stand for. What else could explain his hollow web site? Go take a look. Tell me if you can find an issues page or anything else resembling a position on any issue whatsoever. So, on one side we have a candidate with solid credentials and positions on the issues of the day and on the other side an empty suit who thinks the rules don't apply to him and has no discernible postion on anything. I guess he really is George W. Bush's boy!

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JWH said...

Great find, cls!

"It is recommended that candidates use the term "elect," "for," or other identifier so as not to create the implication of incumbency."

It seems Heller doesn't have to follow his own recommendations. Maybe he's too good for them I'll see if I can get a picture of the signs today.