October 27, 2006

Demeaning the character of Americans

Brent Budowsky comments on Republican campaign strategy...starting at the top.

The sick thing about George W. Bush is that unlike like any President who has ever come before him he has injected vomit, hate, and slander into the heart of our democracy and has put under attack the very character of the American people.

What George W. Bush has done, is nothing less than a direct attack on the very notion that America is a melting pot, he strikes at the core of who we are as a country, and he demeans the soul of what we stand for as a people.


That is the kind of country he wants us to be.

Do not give our troops everything they need, is what he does, but I will give you money, is what he says.

Divide our neighbors against each other, is what he does, and hate those who are different, is what he says, and as they become more desperate, even the code is gone from the words.

Make Americans the enemies of each other, is what he does, and fear the world around you, is what he says.

If it helps to win, make fun of Parkinsons disease, ridicule the widows of 9-11, bring more prejudice and bigotry to the land, demean the Purple Heart to attack your enemies even if they were awarded medals for valor, and in truth, if they were awarded medals for valor, that is a reason to attack them some more in this sick new brand of partisanship that has poisoned our politics.

Even when the Republican Congress commits child abuse against underage pages, cover it up, protect the guilty, attack your enemies and endanger the children and hope the American people have so lowered their standards that they get away, even, with this.

Bring fear to the land.

Bring anger to our politics.

Bring division to our communities.

Bring more bigotry to our nation and rub it raw, and use it harshly, and do anything to win.

This is nothing more than a direct attack on the character of our country, this is nothing less than an attempt to lower the standards of the character of our people.

Read the whole thing. The man speaks the truth.

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