October 26, 2006

Jill needs our help...one more time...let's do it.

Got this email from Jill Derby today. If you have anything that you can spare, send our girl some turkee!

With less than two weeks to go and the latest polls showing us in a dead heat race at 40-40, my opponent and outside special interests from Washington are scared. So they’re doing the only thing they know how to do: run attack ads telling blatant lies about me, misrepresenting my positions, and distorting my record. We’ve got to fight back.

Unfortunately, history has shown that these attacks are effective if a campaign does not have the financial resourses to expose the truth.

We cannot let them get away with it.

So today, I’m releasing two new spots. If you’ve followed the local and national press about the campaign, you’ve probably read about the great response our ads have gotten. We’ve created a look and feel that is different from anything else on the air.

One of our latest spots called "
Action" fights back with quotes from my recent endorsement in the Las Vegas Sun. Also going up today, is our new spot called "Different" which calls out my pponent for resorting to baseless attacks, and blindly following his party’s positions on the war in Iraq and attempts to privatize Social Security.

But now I need your help to get them on the air. I hope you will "adopt-a-spot" today.
Are you ready to stand with me to help give career politicians the boot? Pick a show during which you want our message to air. You can then tune in to view the ad along with thousands of
other voters who deserve to hear the truth.

For $56 you can help us play a spot during The Simpsons on FOX
For $168 you can help us play a spot during 60 Minutes on CBS
For $224 you can help us play a spot during CSI: Miami on CBS
For $504 you can help us play a spot during Lost on NBC
For $616 you can help us play a spot during Gray’s Anatomy on ABC

If you are like me, you’re sick of watching negative and misleading ads. I need your help to fight back and set the record straight. This is our chance to get a message of true Nevada values out to the people of this district. We need to ensure that people hear the truth through the static of lies and negativity. I know that if given an honest choice between another career politician who does nothing but tow the party line, and a fresh independent voice that is committed to bringing positive
change to Washington, people will choose the latter.

But it’s only going to happen with your help in getting our message out.
Take action now and "adopt-a-spot" for our final week of the campaign!

This is our chance to get the country back on track. You can count on me to do everything I can to win this critical seat. I hope I can count on you. I need your help in these last days. Please act today.

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