October 19, 2006

John Emerson for State Senate

John Emerson answers the RGJ endorsement of his opponent. Excellent commentary.

I appreciate the Reno Gazette-Journal's endorsement of my credentials as a candidate for the state Legislature. Though the Editorial Board referred to me as an "excellent candidate" with years of experience serving the community, they endorsed Maurice Washington. In doing so they endorsed the status quo.

I believe Northern Nevada deserves more.


Northern Nevada has only four senators representing our interests, and this is the only northern Senate district with an active race. Each vote and the choice voters make is critical. We need a leader who can get the job done in the eye of the public, no deals behind closed doors, a leader who will work for common sense policies for the common good. My vision and qualities contrast sharply with those of Mr. Washington.

I support access to low-cost prescription drugs that can be imported from Canada, a step our state has taken to reduce rising health care costs. Mr. Washington voted against this legislation. We can do better.

I support reductions in class size as a proven strategy to improve the quality of our children's education. Mr. Washington voted against this legislation. We can do better.

I support the Millennium Scholarship to increase access to higher education for Nevada graduates. Mr. Washington voted against the initial source of funding for these scholarships. We can do better.

These votes are key indicators of how Mr. Washington really represents Northern Nevada.

In this era of negative political ads and sounds bites, voters need not just vote against Mr. Washington. I offer a choice. I have devoted my adult life to serving my community. As the RGJ noted, I have served on nonprofit boards. I have been appointed to state commissions by a Republican governor.

We can do better and together we will do better.
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