October 27, 2006

Look Out, Middle-Class Families – Democrats Want to Cut Your Taxes

From behind the firewall at the NYT, Rahm Emmanuel and Bruce Reed speak out on the Democrats' plan to cut middle class taxes. Jill Derby gets a nod!

President Bush and the average American have one thing in common, after all: Neither can come up with a good reason to vote for the Republicans this fall.

The White House has given up trying to persuade Americans to stay the course behind Bush’s failed agenda. Instead, Republicans say they will spend the last two weeks of the campaign trying to
run against the Democratic agenda.

Go ahead, make our day!

We couldn’t be happier with the G.O.P.’s desperation strategy, because when it comes to leading America in a new direction, Democrats have a plan and Republicans don’t. On Tuesday, President Bush attacked Democrats on the economy and said we are “genetically disposed” to raise taxes. The president sure has a lot to say for a guy who has added $3 trillion to the national debt and brought American families higher costs and smaller incomes. But he might want to take another look at the genetic disposition of the Democratic challengers on the ballot in these midterms. In race after race, Democratic candidates have pledged to do what Bush and the Republican Congress have not: cut taxes for the middle class.

Tammy Duckworth, the Democratic nominee for the open seat in Illinois’s 6th Congressional District, wants
to protect middle-class taxpayers in her district with a permanent fix for the Alternative Minimum Tax. She also supports tax reform. “The way to reduce the deficit is not to raise taxes on middle-income Americans, who already are carrying too big a share of the burden,” Duckworth has said. “By removing the hundreds of special provisions in the code that cost the Treasury billions of dollars, we can reduce the burden on middle-income Americans who are forced to pick up the slack.”

Jill Derby, the Democrat running in another open seat in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District,
wants to cut the payroll tax. “Currently, 3 out of 4 households pay more in payroll taxes than in personal income taxes, and reduced payroll tax could stimulate job growth and slow the flow of jobs overseas,” Derby has said. “There are certainly some things Congress can do to lighten the tax burden on families but career politicians have failed to act.”

Kirsten Gillibrand, who is challenging Republican Congressman John Sweeney of New York, wants to
give middle-class families tax breaks for college tuition. As the College Board announced this week, college tuition has gone up 35 percent in the past five years in real, inflation-adjusted dollars – at a time when competing in the global economy requires a college degree more than ever. Gillibrand and other Democratic candidates across the country believe that a middle-class tax cut for college makes a lot more sense than the only plan Americans have seen from Bush and the Republican Congress – the largest cut in college aid in history.

Democratic candidates everywhere are making the same point: Democrats are going to cut middle-class taxes, not raise them. To renew the social contract for an increasingly competitive world, our tax system should give Americans more opportunity and security, not more of the burden. We need tax reform that gives people who don’t start out wealthy the chance to build wealth, and helps every American secure the pillars of middle-class life: raising a family, buying a home, paying for college and saving for retirement.

Republicans’ supply-side agenda, on the other hand, is the economic equivalent of intelligent design: No matter how long conservatives believe in it, they never gather enough evidence to teach it in the classroom. Democrats’ tax-cut plans are designed to address the realities of middle-class life. When the costs of college, health care and energy rise – and paychecks don’t – middle-class Americans shouldn’t have to keep watching tax cuts go to somebody else.

We thank the White House for reminding voters that this election is a choice between the failed Republican course and a new direction for America. We know which agenda the American people will choose.

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