October 23, 2006

Nevada Appeal makes its endorsements

Hmmm. I wonder if the Nevada Appeal saw the Derby/Heller debate on Friday night? In endorsing Heller, they are endorsing the status quo. Heller is Bush's boy and admits it. Got a message left on my desk the other day from a Dem in Lovelock who attending a local candidates night. Dean Heller was there and as my source tells me, gave the usual "glad hand" speech but when they turned to the Q & A, the truth came out and Heller admitted:

  1. 100% support for Bush and his policies
  2. "Dirty politics" is the reality of modern politics
  3. People don't vote on the issues
  4. [therefore] the ends justifies the means
I am glad to see that the Appeal came down on the side of Dina Titus, Ross Miller, and Kate Marshall. But I am disappointed that they backed Heller. He has shown himself to be mean-spirited and willing to do anything to gain this seat. Is that really what the Appeal wants to see in Washington? I guess it all comes down to "what's in this for me?":
And having a congressman from Carson City would have its advantages, giving residents a direct conduit to Washington.
I guess it doesn't matter what's best for the state.

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Willis said...

I think Heller is a stand-up guy, but I sense that the Nevada Appeal didn't really consider Jill Derby as a serious contender. I was brought up an old Barry Goldwater Republican and even I can see that we desperately need a new direction in Congress before our foreign policy credibility, economy and Constitution end up in the toilet.

If nothing else, racking up unprecedented national debt (increasingly being financed by foreign governments) should sound some alarms.

The current bunch of Repubs like to scream about tax and spend liberals while many of them act like the Federal Government has some kind of giant platinum credit card. You can't run a family budget this way and at this rate my grandchildren will likely be paying off this debt.

The "New Democrats" need to endorse a policy of "Spend only what you have." We can still argue over priorities but we won't be mortgaging our kids' futures.

Back to Dean Heller. I like the man as a person, but I like Jill Derby's grasp of the potentially ominous issues better. So for my grandchildren's sake, my vote goes to Derby.