October 1, 2006

What real election reform looks like

Desert Beacon takes on Danny Tarkanian's mailer on requiring all voters to have a government issued ID card in order to vote.

In addition to just being a downright vote suppression racist argument at its core, the proposal has some other difficulties:
(1) For all the chatter about can-do American technology producing a tamper and counterfeit proof ID card, the fact is that no one's been able to actually do it.
(2) No one has yet to come out and say how much it's going to cost county government to process the extra paper work, conduct the necessary back checking, and store the additional records.
(3) No one's yet decided who is going to pay the county governments to do the laundry list in #2.
(4) None of the vote suppression proponents has yet to explain how having this ultra-expensive, but still counterfeit vulnerable system, is supposed to work.

So, Danny doesn't even want to bother finishing up what current SOS Dean Heller has failed accomplish. That would be: to implement the requirements of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) wherein states were required to do two things: (1) Have one statewide standard for voting machines in the state and (2) Have a statewide voter database in place by 2006. Sorry to say, neither have materialized as Clark County voters are still voting on Sequoia machines that do not have a printer for providing a voter verifiable ballots, and due to the inability of the firm the SOS's office hired to convert the 17 different county voter files to one system, the statewide voter database still does not exist.

Nope, Tarkanian would rather pick up the anti-illegal immigrant mantra that is the backbone of Republican candidates, including Heller. (By the way, this little tidbit about Heller was relayed to me by an attendee at a recent Silver City Candidates Night. Heller went so far as to intimate that that the meth problem is due to illegal immigrants. Geez. I am not even hearing Charlie Duke saying that!!)

Tarkanian wants to push the anti-immigrant button rather than offering real substantive reform like Ross Miller.

You think these guys would have learned their lesson from Barbara "I'm-running-on-illegal-immigration-even-though-the-Lt. -Governor-doesn't-have-a-thing-to-do-with-it" Woollen.

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