November 16, 2006

Checking out the new digs, Blogger and in DC

I just made the shift today to the new Blogger. I haven't yet explored all the new bells and whistles, but I already like the "New Post" feature on the dashboard.

In the meantime, Grandma Nancy is elected Speaker of the House and Steny Hoyer is elected Majority Leader. I am happy on both counts. I appreciate him for his principled turn-about on Iraq and I know he will continue to be a strong voice for our military and veterans, but Majority Leader? No. I love Jack Murtha, but on this one I will agree with Al Franken ... we need to be as squeaky clean as we can, and Abscam aside, CREW's listing of Jack Murtha as a Congress-critter that has some ethical issues...well, electing him Majority Leader would have been a lousy message to send.

Oh, and this guy needs to go.

In the meantime, the press will play this up as the usual, "Democrats Divided!! Pelosi handed her first defeat!! Weakened Democrats limp into Congress!!"

Whatever. Obviously, none of these pundits have ever attended a state or county Democratic meeting (or even visited a Democratic household!). This is normal! Lots of views, lots of ideas. Gotta love it. It can make us crazy, but it also keeps us coming back.


Featheriver said...

I totally agree with you that Jefferson has to go.

Desert Beacon said...

From the amen corner: Jefferson needs to go. A clean sweep (or thorough swamp draining) needs to remove all those who've so egregiously misused the powers of their offices. BTW: New format etc looks really good!