November 30, 2006

David Sirota rocks

"But here's the deal, folks - just because you read sociopathic claims on your op-ed pages from the Washington opinionmaking machine about how violence is supposedly "therapeutic," how we should supposedly bring Saddam Hussein back to power, how voters suppposedly shouldn't be able to make choices in America and how new Senators have no right to tell the President they want the troops home - remember, that doesn't make these claims truthful or acceptable out here in the real world, and it doesn't make you crazy for thinking that the people who make these claims ARE crazy."
This is classic. Go. Read it. (Hat tip to profmarcus)

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Not Your Mama said...

One of my favorite lines: believing the moon is made of cheese won't make it so.

Sadly I've had to overuse it much these last 6 years.

Good to find you too CLS and back at you.