November 1, 2006

Gibbons and Women

I haven't been getting a lot of campaign literature in the mail, except for a few from Nevada State Democratic Party and local (Assembly, State Senate and local Lyon County races), so I was getting curious as to what pieces were showing up in other people's mail boxes. Ever the enterprising blogger, I took a swipe through the junk mail bin at our local post office. I didn't find a lot. A couple of pieces from Jill Derby, Kate Marshall, and a very belated absent ballot request form from John Ensign. Lots of stuff from the deuling ministers John Emerson and Maurice Washington. But finally, aha! There was a piece from Jim Gibbons. Nice glossy, 8 1/2 x 11 four page slick...

The front page is filled with some sort of endorsement letter (with Jim Gibbons for Governor blazoned across the top) with two columns of names beneath it. Most of the names were unfamiliar to me, a few were. I fipped open the flyer expecting to find information on Jim Gibbons' vision, the issues, anything. Um, not so much.

Inside the front page, in nice big font we get a history of his birth, education, and military service. (Large font, by the way, a trick well known by college paper writers: when you don't have much to say and have to write a four page paper, use larger font) Inside the back page, more large fonted biography, one paragraph on Education First, and finally two sentences on the Hawthorne BRAC base salvation.

Back page, a happy picture of his family, again with nice big font identifying everyone in the picture, above it: "Jim is proud to call Nevada home!" and a nice big quote underneath the picture: "I am asking for your vote" - Jim Gibbons

Why, Congressman? Please point to anything in this flyer that tells me anything that you plan to do for Nevada.

Education First? That ballot measure will probably pass on November 7th. So...what next? Once it passes, what will be your priorities for allocating those first-funded monies? What are your plans to address our high dropout rate? Teacher shortage? Class size?

What are your plans to help all Nevadans have access to affordable health care?

What are your plans for developing an energy plan in a state with some of the most abundant sources of alternative energy (wind, solar, geo-thermal)?

Looking a bit closer at the flyer I finally understood what this piece was about. Appeasing women. I read more carefully the endorsement letter on the front page. It reads:

To All the Citizens of the Great State of Nevada:

We the undersigned women have known and greatly admired Congressman Jim Gibbons for many years throughout his political career. Jim is unequivocally a man of tremendous integrity and impeccable character who possesses compassion and respect for women. He was raised by a very strong mother. Her moral and eithical principles have guided Jim in every facet of his life.

We urge you to vote for Jim Gibbons for Governor.
Well, Congressman, if you really wanted to assure me that you actually do give a damn about the things that affect my life, you wouldn't have wasted your money on a flyer that has you hiding behind the skirts of some loyal Republican women and you would actually address the issues facing them and the rest of us.

Frankly, if I had received this piece, I would have been insulted. It's lack of solid information tells me all I need to know about Jim Gibbons "respect" for women. Jim Gibbons assumes that all we wimmen need is to see pictures of his family and of himself in uniform and we will all swoon and pull the lever for him. He must think we are all as empty-headed as he is.

The clincher? The flyer I pulled out of the junk mail bin was sent to a man.


mariamaria said...

Very nice blog. Hope Bush's friends go!

Featheriver said...

Good post Carissa. True too.