November 30, 2006

Harry's Agenda

Minimum Wage...good. Stem cell research...good. Ethics reform...also good. I just know there has to be room in there for Iraq. Of course, first they have to take care of the budget that the Republicans appear to have left undone.

"They're just leaving town, it appears," Reid said from his office in the Capitol. "We hope that's not the case, but it appears that's what they are going to do. And so we're going to have to find a way to fund the government for the next year."

The must-pass legislation totals more than $460 billion and promises to divert time and energy from other items on the Democratic agenda.
I do like this:
"We're going to put in some hours here that haven't been put in in a long time," Reid said. That means "being here more days in the week and we start off this year with seven weeks without a break. That hasn't been done in many, many years here."
Of course, all of Bush's talk of bipartisanship is, as I knew it would be, just so much smoke blown up our collective hind-end.
Reid said he hopes that President Bush is willing to work with the Democratic congressional leadership, but the early signs have not been encouraging. He said the White House has not reached out to him since his meeting with Bush in the Oval Office on Nov. 10. "Sorry to say," Reid said.
I am positive that young George W. Bush's report card read, "Does not play well with others."

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