November 9, 2006

I feel like I am breathing fresher air...

Sure I am disappointed with the results in Lyon County and CD2. But overall, I am happy. Statewide we snagged four of the six Constitutional offices. Color me happy that our Secretary of State going into the 2008 election is a Democrat. (Ross...could you please get cracking on that statewide voter database that Heller was supposed to have had operational in January?...oh, and voter verifiable paper trails on ALL machines by Election Day 2008, please!!!)

On a national level I am ecstatic that we have both houses of Congress. I am thrilled that the MSM is actually starting to talk about the Democratic Plan to raise the minimum wage, institute all the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, to work toward health care for all Americans, re-tool the horrendous Medicare D prescription drug plan, middle class tax relief and to get America working for the common good again, not just the privileged few. Yeah, I know, the plan was there before the election, they were just too busy talking about how the Democrats didn't have a plan to notice that we did.

It feels like the winds of change are clearing out the smog of the last six years. It feels like we are at last awakening from our long national nightmare.

But we are just at the beginning. I hope and pray that first and foremost, this Congress will meaningfully reform elections in this country. That it become federal law any vote cast on an electronic voting machine MUST have a voter verifiable paper trail, and that random audits by non-partisan boards must be done, regardless of margins of victory.

I believe our Democratic House and Senate can walk and chew gum at the same time. So while they are busy implementing their agenda for improving the lives of average Americans, I expect to see meaningful investigations to uncover the truth about the run-up to the war, to conduct oversight of no-bid contracts, to find out why billions of dollars has gone missing in Iraq, find out who Bush and Co are spying on with their warrantless wire-tapping program (and ahem, enforce the FISA laws with regards to wiretaps), torture allegations and secret prisons, etc, etc, etc. No, this will be no witchhunt. Democrats won't be insisting on getting Bush's Christmas card list, or how much postage he is spending (that's what Republicans do to Democrats).

We've got some serious problems. And we need some serious solutions. Now that the Dems are in charge, the Republicans say they want to work across the aisle. Heh. All those rules that they put in place to shut out the Democrats may very well come back to bite them in the ass. But...probably not. You see, Dems really do believe in finding common ground and coming up with common sense solutions that will benefit the greatest good. So let's just wait and see if the Republicans are able to do it. If their actions over the past twelve years is any indication, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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