November 30, 2006


This is really good news: Clinton’s Foundation Brokers AIDS Deal (NYT)

So is this: 3 who starved kids get maximum prison terms (RGJ). I have no words or pity for these people. Spare me the crocodile tears you bastards. Of course, a better punishment would have been to chain and lock them inside bathrooms, starve and beat THEM for the duration of their sentences, but that would probably be considered "cruel and inhuman" treatment.

And just what the hell is wrong with some people? Lyon sheriff seeks Fernley vandals

Something to keep our eye on: Leukemia-cluster children share gene variation (Appeal)

Tom Vilsack (IA) has announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. He is doing a five state tour, including Nevada. Small problem and one that I hope isn't repeated: He's going to Las Vegas (on Sunday). Omigosh...color me surprised (not)! Attention Democratic hopefuls, please, help build our party statewide, and your credibility as well, by paying attention to ALL of Nevada. You might be surprised by what you find outside of Vegas.

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