December 22, 2006


profmarcus over at And, yes, I DO take it personally, articulates my feeling perfectly.

i have thought for some time that part of the reason bush and his criminal counterparts continue to remain seriously unchallenged is that the media and the american people simply cannot bring themselves to grasp the astonishing breadth and depth of perfidy that they have perpetrated... it falls so far outside what we consider the "normal paradigm" of governmental behavior, we reject it out of hand...


Not Your Mama said...

Amen. Actually read his last 5 or 6 posts, all excellent. Color me impressed.

I keep wondering the same thing, exactly at what point are we going to stand up and take it back?

What are we waiting for, the bomb to drop on Iran? The draft to be reinstated? The freaking, gd, rapture???

cls said...

I always wonder what it will take myself... storm troopers at our doors?