December 30, 2006

John Edwards' Reno Town Hall

Anjeanette Damon is back for a month and covered the John Edwards Town Hall at the Grand Sierra Resort last night. She did a pretty good job of getting the feel of the town hall in this story, though I do disagree with her crowd estimate which security had tagged at around 2500. Don't forget to check out the comments. Also posted are excerpts from reporters' Q & A with Edwards following the town hall.

I worked with the Washoe Dems to get rural turnout for the event (attendees came from as far as Elko!) ...and we plan on doing this for every presidential candidate to northern Nevada, so no favorites are being played here. The Edwards people were hoping for 500 to show up. So were we. We were nervous about the holiday season timing, the event being held on a Friday night, etc. But by Friday afternoon we knew that there would be much more than the original 500 hoped for, but even we were blown away by the turnout. To all of you who stood in that Disneyland-length line, and then crowded in the back of the ballroom, to those of you who gave your seats to others, thank you! I am so glad that northern Nevadans showed that we are indeed ready to participate fully in the presidential caucus.

I got to handle one of the mikes at the town hall event, and the questions that were raised, from the fairness doctrine, to the deficit, to immigration, civil unions, education, etc, showed an engaged Democratic party whose questions were not about their own personal lot, but about our nation as a whole. Y'all made me real proud.

On Edit: Give Anjeanette some love (or at least some attention) over at Inside Nevada Politics. The place got a bit deserted after the November election.

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