December 22, 2006

Local stuff - John Edwards, Dentists, DRAC and more...

Save the date! Friday, December 29th - John Edwards is coming to Reno for a "Special Event and Town Hall Meeting." (hmmm) Location: The Grand Sierra (formerly the Hilton). Time: early evening, exact time to be announced shortly.

Even though I won't be giving up my Reno dentist (great dentist and a real hottie to boot) this is very good news for Silver Springs folks.

The Lyon County Commission has decided on the new DRAC members (my friend made it), but a member is still needed from District 4. This is the new area south of Hwy 50 at the eastern end of Dayton. If you live in the area and are interested in serving on the board, contact the County Manager's office.

I did: Most Lyon property owners to see hikes in assessed valuation Our neck of the woods really saw a hike. I about dropped my postcard from the Assessor's office. Fortunately, taxes are capped.

Land in southern Silver Springs is being factored also. Factoring became the only option here, Glass reported, and the Assessor was given a factor of 2.35 from the State Department of Taxation for land values in that area. Though quite high, that factor proved to be conservative in the sense that it only barely brings the area into ratio tolerance, Glass said
The Nevada Appeal has a good round up of Lyon County's top stories for 2006.

Okay...time to go get my Christmas cards done...yeah, they're going to be late.

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