December 3, 2006

Local stuff

As someone who has to navigate Fernley a lot, I would love to see more sense put into the construction of connecting streets.(Leader-Courier)

Otherwise, they could end up with the same sort of problems Dayton is facing now with regards to bridges and alternate access roads. There is one bridge that crosses the Carson River and if that were to get blocked or washed out there'd be a whole lot of Daytonians stranded. There are no frontage roads and an accident on Hwy 50 brings everyone to a standstill.

We moved to this neck of the woods after certain areas of Silver Springs were converted to sewer (at the cost of the resident, from what we know) and now people are being cut-off for delinquent accounts. So their sewer is shut off. Their septic tanks, as I understand it, are illegal. Exactly what are they supposed to do when nature calls?


Not Your Mama said...

Talk about living in a sh**hole. Isn't it grand we live in a state with such a big heart?

Desert Beacon said...

Excellent question! Have the members of the County Commission seen fit to delve into the "Sewer Situation?"

cls said...

Actually, I don't know. I will look into it and let you know.