December 16, 2006

Local stuff

It would be nice to see Dayton get the funding for this project. According to the dead tree edition of the Dayton Leader-Courier (12/13/06), the grant application has been approved for submission, but the competition is tight. I like Old Town Dayton and would love to see it spruced up. Now, if they could work out the parking issue!

The Silver City Community Center rebuild is inching along. The bid documents should go out to potential bidders sometime in January, possibly due back by mid-February. Hmm...this gives me pause (again, from the paper edition of the the LC, 12/13/06):

District Attorney Leon Aberasturi had recommended the alternate bid process with a design without a basement (slab on grade). He said this way they could see for sure which design was cheaper, with the basement or the slab on grade foundation.

In addition, there would be alternates including prevailing wage and not prevailing wage, depending on how it proceeds. If it were a county project it would have to require prevailing wage, but if it had been a project under the insurance adjuster, as had been proposed for some time, then the prevailing wage requirement wouldn't be necessary.
It stinks that the insurance plan wouldn't require prevailing wage. Geez, regardless of what plan the school house is rebuilt, let's at least give the folks that do it a decent wage!

I know two of the candidates for the DRAC board. Interviews on Monday.

In Fernley, the City Council has generously decided that primary elections for aren't such a bad idea. This was one of the biggest complaints I heard in the last election cycle. There were six candidates for mayor. Whether it was the underlying reason for the City Council's original decision to not hold a primary, amongst Fernley citizens it was widely assumed that the primary was cancelled to protect the incumbents (especially Hizzoner David Stix). Oops. Not so much.

I want whatever it is that out-going Lyon County Sheriff Sid Smith is smoking. In an article addressing the possibility of a new county jail in Silver Springs or Stagecoach, Smith continued to make the case that the new jail should be built in Yerington because:
"...future growth would head south to the Yerington and Mason Valley areas. He said, “Someday it will grow down here.”

Uh. No, it's not.

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