December 27, 2006

Rest in Peace, Gerald Ford

Oh, yes, you are hearing that from my progressive lips. I was in high school when Gerald Ford became president. Gerald Ford came into office with none of the taint of the Nixon administration. I remember him pardoning Nixon, and the draft dodgers as well. I remember his clutziness, etc. But mostly, I remember Betty and Susan. Betty, with her outspokenness, (often at odds with her husband's public views), her breast cancer and later, her recovery from alcohol. Susan wrote a column for Seventeen magazine of which I was an avid reader. Jack Ford went on to be an soap actor. It seemed to me that America liked the Fords because they were real and open. They had disagreements and problems, just like the rest of us. But mostly, they were a welcome relief from the years before.

My sympathy to the Ford family.

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