December 14, 2006

The shape of the table

Y'all remember the Paris Peace Talks? Who remembers how long it took to negotiate the "peace" in Viet Nam? Lawrence O'Donnell has a great piece up at The Huffington Post.

When I first heard President Bush accuse Democrats of wanting to "cut and run" from Iraq, I knew that America was going to cut and run from Iraq. When a war turns so bad that an American president feels compelled to start warning against cutting and running, the clock starts ticking on when we actually will cut and run. The Nixon administration spent five years figuring out how to cut and run from Vietnam and managed to get more American soldiers killed during Kissinger's utterly pointless "peace" negotiations and the withdrawal period than were killed during Lyndon Johnson's full-on war period.
I wasn't that old, but I remember the Paris Peace Talks. The one thing that sticks out in my mind was how long they fought over the shape of the table. In the meantime, people died.

The ISG delayed releasing their report until after the election. From the gitgo it was obvious Bush had no intention of listening to the ISG. When asked about Baker and the ISG Bush replied, "He [Baker] can go back to his day job." (CBS News, 12/6/06) Bush promised us a speech before Christmas about where we are going from here. Well, maybe not...looks like it will be sometime in January. (Before or after the SOTU?) Maybe. Bush doesn't want to be "rushed."

Now George Bush doesn't want to rush. Now George Bush wants to "listen" (if by "listen" you mean "being told what he wants to hear.")

He isn't listening. He's stalling. He's got nothing except More War.

He's waiting until after Christmas to give us the bad news that is already leaking out. We're gonna double down (LAT). We're staying the course, and then some. But without a draft where are those soldiers going to come from? Why the National Guard, of course. You did see this morning's RGJ, didn't you?

In the meantime...people are dying.

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Hey, you're forgetting all the "illegals". Here's the plan for a "path to citizenship", go get your head blown off for tu mama.