December 14, 2006

Stuff I don't understand

Was this necessary? Read the article and check out the photos.

...Gaza International Airport has come to represent a barometer of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Ten years ago, in the aftermath of the Oslo peace accords, the airport was a symbol of hope. International aid money paid the £50 million construction costs.

President Bill Clinton attended the ceremonial opening and for more than two years Palestinian Airlines flew to Cairo, Ankara, Amman and elsewhere.

But when the second intifada — or Palestinian uprising — began in late 2000, Israel sent combat engineers to dig holes in the runway and blow up the radar. The planes moved to Amman.

The main terminal building, VIP hall and control tower were left untouched and for years 400 or so employees of the Civil Aviation Authority turned up for work each day, hoping the airport would one day reopen.

Those hopes lay in ruins yesterday along with the shards of glass and masonry littering the terminal floor.

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