January 22, 2007

And then there were nine

Hillary Clinton (video announcement here) and Bill Richardson (video announcement on home page) have thrown their hats into the exploratory committee ring.

My advice to all of you? Get on every candidate's email list and Do Your Homework. Study these candidates' issues pages, Google them to death, check their votes, etc. Don't expect to be spoon-fed, and DON'T believe everything you hear on TV, in the papers, OR from your next door neighbor or even your significant other (who knows where they heard whatever it is they are spouting).

Every one of these candidates brings strengths and weaknesses to this race. It's up to you to learn what they are, weigh them and figure out who you wish to support with your vote (and possibly your time and money). Who, among these candidates, offers the best vision for where to take this country, and demonstrates the ability to lead? Don't expect perfection. That's impossible. But who is closest to your ideal? Determine who that is, and then do your part to get that candidate's message out. Realize that your candidate cannot be every where, and if you want to see him/her get elected, YOU represent that candidate to your friends, family and co-workers.

We are less than one year away from the Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus, so let's get going.

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