January 3, 2007


To quote a commenter over at The Huffington Post that linked to this editorial in the Wall Street Journal ostensibly written by George W. Bush:

So at which point in this did you actually burst out laughing?
Actually, I wasn't laughing...just getting that nasty taste in the back of my throat that I get just before I throw up. This "editorial" is meant to bully, to keep the Democrats "in their place" and lay the groundwork for blaming Democrats for anything that will go wrong in the next two years. And plenty will go wrong. The course has been set and it's going to be hard to turn around a lot of George Bush and the Republicans' disastrous policies. So it's going to be the Democrats fault for not agreeing with everything George Bush wants? Um, yeah, okay, what else is new? Dems get blamed when they are in the minority and nothing will change now that they are in the majority. I just hope the American people see through this Rovian crap. More importantly, I hope the Dems in Congress don't buy into this either. Time will tell.

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