January 26, 2007

Caucus Roundup and site ratings

Some tidbits from the growing Democratic race (and my thoughts on their web sites).

Joe Biden - Unite Our States has information on the going to be ingnored anyway non-binding Iraq resolution and also a petition to stop the escalation of the Iraq War. (Site: Pretty standard format - big stuff at the top, three sections on the bottom. Granted, this is not a campaign web site, but under Biography you can find some of Senator Biden's priorities. Uh...not seeing health care there)

Hillary Clinton - has updated her video page to include a statement on health care (my pet issue) and her three internet "chats." No response to th SOTU. (Site: constantly being updated and makes me want to check back often on changes. All critical links are above the scroll. Colors are pleasing on the eyes.)

Chris Dodd - Got an email from him asking me to sign the petition to support his legislation to "cap" the troops and require Bush to seek Congressional approval before sending more troops. I had to look a bit to actually find this on his web site, but it's listed as a blog posting. No link to the petition on the home page or any where that I can see. Senator, if you really think this is important enough to send an email, please display it prominently on your web site (above the scroll, if you will). (Site: easy to find the main things such as Issues, Contact Us, Get Involved...but below that the site seems a bit busy with an attempt to be hip.. Event calendar is listed below the scroll and seems like it could be missed. White to maroon ratio hurts my eyes. )

John Edwards - Has a petition to cut off funding for the escalation and a link to his response to the the State of the Union address. (Site: Clear, all important links displayed above the scroll, but it is set up in a way that makes me want to scroll down and find other interesting links. Ambivalent about the color scheme.)

Dennis Kucinich - New postings about appearances on Larry King Live and Lou Dobbs. No petitions to sign (how refreshing) and an invitation to meet with him tonight at Taverna Greek in DC. Looks like he intends to participate in tomorrow's March on Washington. (Site: set up as a blog basically, with contact, issues, volunteer, etc links above the scroll. A bit on the busy side,

Barack Obama - Oh my...nothing new. I've been getting emails from the guy, but there are no corresponding posts on the web site, no new videos, or any other links to let me know what he's been up to. Shouldn't there be at least a response to the State of the Union? I've seen him all over TeeVee but he needs to get his web folks to do something with his web site. Oy.

Bill Richardson - As you all know, he's coming to Douglas County tomorrow night. My impressions of that visit will be posted. Gotta say, I am impressed with his Darfur cease fire. On his web site there's a link to his response to the State of the Union. (Site: easily negotiated with clear links to Issues, Contact, etc. Last post on his blog, 1/21)

Tom Vilsack - Another petition to stop the escalation in Iraq. Again, I got a nice email from Governor Vilsack with his response to the State of the Union, but it's nowhere to be found on his web site. (Site: Lots of white, and the site doesn't have the feel of a presidential contender and much of it feels Iowa-centric.)

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Not Your Mama said...

Looking forward to your impressions of Richardson. I'm leaning heavily towards him at this point but want to see a lot more.