January 28, 2007

Democrats in the News - Nevada

The Reno Gazette-Journal has an excellent piece featuring northern Nevada's four Assembly members discussing the Democratic agenda for the upcoming legislative session.

Also in the RGJ, a story on last night's Douglas County Dems dinner with interviews with Bill Richardson (Gov-NM) and General Wes Clark (Ret). Lots of ink given to Richardson, who has not only set up an presidential exploratory committee, but has hired local Nevadans to head up his campaign here in Nevada. General Clark, who has yet to declare his intentions, gets about a paragraph at the end of the article.

The Nevada Appeal covered the event as well with, again, a bit more attention to the declared candidate. Good wrap up of Richardson's bio as well as his strategy for competing in Nevada. (Photo by Cathleen Allison/ Nevada Appeal)

Channel 2 and Channel 4 were at the event (warning, video linked at Channel 4 story is not at the dinner but a piece shot for the early evening newscast featuring an interview with General Clark. No mention of Richardson. Perhaps there will be video of the dinner later. The even ran long and they may not have gotten it on the late night newscast).

I've got to go through my notes and, as promised, my impressions will follow in another post.

On Edit: Reno Rambler points to this article in the Albuquerque Tribune about the 2008 caucus in Nevada and the growth of progressives in Nevada (with special mention of the the Pneumatic Diner -I love the place.)

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