January 1, 2007

Gibbons sworn in at the stroke of midnight

According to this RGJ story linked at Inside Nevada Politics, Jim Gibbons was sworn in as governor, not at 10am today with the rest of the newly elected constitutional officers, but at midnight.

Saying security concerns prompted him to take office as soon as possible, Republican Jim Gibbons was sworn in as Nevada governor seconds after the New Year began at midnight.

The former five-term congressman was administered the oath of office by Bill Maupin, chief justice of the state Supreme Court, in the livng room of Gibbons’ Reno home. Present were Gibbons’ wife, Dawn, and about 15 friends and aides.


Immediately after taking the oath, Gibbons named Larry Martines, whose career in police and security work includes the CIA, as state homeland security director; and law enforcement veteran Phil Galeoto as state Department of Public Safety director.

Gibbons issued a statement saying that while state agencies “know of no credible threat, recent world events and New Year’s celebrations raise the potential for problems during Nevada’s first government transition since the terror attacks of 9-11.

“Nevadans should be assured that their leaders are in place, ready for any emergency.”

Gibbons spokesman Brent Boynton said “recent world events” was a reference to the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Give me a friggin' break! I mean really, I just don't get it...were we suddenly without a government at midnight? Do we have some sort of Cinderella-esque magic pumpkin scenario running amok? Did Kenny Guinn suddenly throw up his hands and shout, "Yeehaw! I am SO outta here! Bring it on Osama!" ???

Gee, and what about all those other governors that managed to get sworn in after the 2002 and 2004 elections?

How full of himself can Gibbons be?


Desert Beacon said...

Merciful heavens! What a perfectly ridiculous way for the Gibbons administration to begin. Could it really be that he didn't want to go through the inaugural and have everyone notice Guinn's absence?

Not Your Mama said...

Been down with flu and just heard this today. Immediately returned to bed, placed pillow over head.

My "best case" hope for Nevada...Gibbons does nothing at all for the lenght of his term.

cls said...

And that won't be difficult. Look at his tenure in Congress!