January 20, 2007


The Reno City Council has voted to join a coaliton of cities dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. Nice.

The council on Wednesday supported Mayor Bob Cashell, among 350 mayors pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a cause of global warming. In the international agreement among nations that Presidents Clinton and Bush refused to sign, the goal is to reduce such emissions by 2012 to below 1990 levels.

The council directed staff to prepare a climate change plan in six months to inventory the use of alternative fuels, energy-conserving lights and other conservation efforts by the city and the community at large and recommend areas where more work needs to be done.
Later this summer, August 10-12th to be precise, plan on attending the Sustainable Living and Renewable Energy Roundup to be held at the Bently Science Center at WNCC. No web site for the event as yet, but it will be live in a few more weeks and I'll post a link when it's up and running.

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