January 31, 2007

Outing myself

In a post a few days ago, I noted that I would be at the Douglas County dinner and would be hearing both Bill Richardson and Wes Clark speak. At the time I said that I would be giving my impressions of both speakers. However, since then I've had to reconsider doing so, and here's why. This is my personal blog, but there are a number of you out there who already know who I am and the rest of you deserve to know as well. I work for the Democratic Party. I serve all Democrats in nine rural counties in northern Nevada and as such it is critical that I maintain public neutrality on the presidential race. I fear that if I tell you what I think about a candidate or something they have said, there is a possibility that some bias may shine through, no matter how carefully I choose my words.

So. I will continue to talk about candidates coming to northern Nevada, talk about what I see on their web pages, point you to places where you can learn more about these candidates. But I won't be telling you who I like, don't like, lean toward, lean from, anything. You'll never see me at a candidate sponsored event or fundraiser. The only events I'll attend will be Democratic or other organization events to which multiple candidates have been invited.

I will continue to post as I have. You'll still get to hear when I am ticked about some new or continuing outrage foisted on us by George Bush and his enablers. I may even start tracking which candidates individual Nevada bloggers are supporting (maybe). But you will never know who I am supporting for the Democratic nomination. And just to make it clear, I have yet to make a decision --- January 2008 is a long way off. I've got lots of research and listening to do.

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