January 25, 2007

Philosophy, Vision and the Presidential Pack

I just popped over to DailyKos and MissLaura's post on Chris Dodd is currently at the top of the heap. And she makes a point that should be considered by all of us as we examine our Democratic candidates. Ignore for a minute your pet issue, or any laundry list of things you like to see our next President accomplish. "What", you should ask from each candidate, "is your overriding approach to government? What principles guide you?" Commenting on Chris Dodd, Miss Laura writes:

. . . he should expect to spend a lot of time answering the question of why he's running. I think his lack of an articulated broad vision for the country is related to his experience as a legislator rather than an executive. Answering questions about Iraq and Hurricane Katrina recovery, he gave detailed, specific answers about bills that could be passed to alleviate problems - but he didn't articulate the guiding principles that should shape those bills, didn't create an image of a government and society he'd like to see.
As far as I am concerned, this goes for every candidate, front-runner or long-shot. Individual problems will get solved and new ones will appear. I need to know, what is your general approach to government? We know what the Republican view of government is: they think government is evil, and not even a necessary one, and their style of government shows it. It still amazes me that people who hate government keep wanting to run it and that people actually vote for them (but that's another issue).

So, my quest is to find a candidate who can inspire me and provide solutions within an overarching philosophy of government that indicates he/she knows that his/her prime obligation is to We The People.

Dear Candidate, whether you object to or support the war in Iraq, or want to discuss your ideas for health care, the environment, the middle class squeeze, veterans, immigration, or any other issue, tell me that your ideas are the best for America because the vision you have for this country is one where _______________ (fill in the blank).

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