January 19, 2007

Presidential Caucus Update

Declared candidates

Chris Dodd's web site is up and running. Sorry I didn't add this to the tote board sooner, but I sort of spaced on his announcement on Imus.

John Edwards has a petition drive agains Bush's escalation of the Iraq war. I signed it. Have you?

Dennis Kucinich's web site is quite extensive, but I think much of it is retooled from his 2004 campaign and continuing action in the Congress. His ten issues page looks quite familiar.

Tom Vilsack has a petition against the escalation as well. There's a video regarding the escalation and his request that the Iowa legislature pass a resolution opposing it.

Exploratory committees

Joe Biden (PAC web site) has info on Joe's plan for Iraq, mission statement of Unite Our States (name of said PAC), etc. This is not a campaign or exploratory committee web site.

Barack Obama has released a video to help you get to know him better. The day after his rock-the-house speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, a co-worker of mine who was a staunch Republican said to me, "I wish he was on our side." Maybe that has something to do with the anti-Obama stuff reflected in the MSM these days.

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