January 28, 2007

Sunday morning round-up

Desert Beacon takes on the Iraq war in two pieces. DB's latest post revisits John Ensign's failure of oversight of war contracts. In the second post, DB has her own March on Washington and reiterates why the Iraq war is wrong. DB also calls on Harry Reid and John Ensign to post their schedules online if for no other reason than to give us an idea of how full their days really are.

Blue Sage Views does a round-up of local stories. One tidbit says that taxable sales, though up overall in Nevada are on the decline in most major counties in northern Nevada.

Washoe County sales dropped 3.8% from one year ago, Carson City lost 12.9%, Douglas County's fell 9.2%, and Lyon County's were down 20.8%.
I can't say I am really shocked by the Lyon County numbers. Our county commission seems more interested in building subdivisions and attracting distribution centers rather than trying to attract quality retail outlets to Lyon County.

One of my favorite Nevada blogs is No Safe Place. Check out Bubba's Postcard of the Week feature.

Las Vegas Gleaner shakes his head as he lets us know that Jim Gibbons has no problem with the science behind Yucca Mountain, just that it wouldn't look good. On national TeeVee, no less.

Anon Guy over at Dullard Mush interviews my pal, JWH about his Nevada Swag store over at cafepress.com. (Must say I am a bit disappointed by the addition of Republican swag - gives me the shivers!)

Nevada Up North worries about a Hagel run (I don't) and discusses a netroots poll on DailyKos.

Kirk Caraway has something to say to newly minted Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Nye Gateway has lots to ponder, including a troubling video out of Iraq.

Vote Gibbons Out continues to slice and dice Jim Gibbons. VGO must be so happy the Gibster provides so much material.

And finally, Nye Gateway and your humble blogger get a national shout out from Bill Scher for covering John Ensign's unconscionable vote to completely abolish the federal minimum wage.

And for something completely frivolous, I must admit that I am in full agreement with Myrna about Ilan on Top Chef.

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