February 5, 2007

Are veterans having to rely on the kindness of strangers?

A letter in this morning's Washington Post...

Where Was Uncle Sam?
Monday, February 5, 2007; Page A14

The Jan. 30 news story "Center for War Amputees Opens" described the opening in San Antonio of a $50 million high-tech rehab center for those injured in Iraq and in other wars. The words "privately funded center" sounded very strange to me, and I hope to many others. Is our country separated so far from the volunteer men and women who fight our wars that we cannot fund a high-tech medical center without requesting private funds -- and then making a major point of it politically?

As our federal government sends billions of our taxpayer dollars to rebuild the infrastructure of Iraq, can't -- mustn't -- the government spend $50 million to support those who gave their arms, legs and spirits in support of our country? Something is deeply wrong with our governmental process and the elected officials who implement and oversee it.


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