February 22, 2007

Better Know A Candidate - Bankruptcy Bill

How did they vote? Project Vote Smart helps us out.

Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
(another 1984 / Down is Up name for a bill)

  • Joe Biden - Yes - His statement here.
  • Hillary Clinton - Did not vote due to family medical emergency. Would have vote No. Her statement here.
  • Chris Dodd - No - Click here to find several speeches regarding this bill.
  • John Edwards - Not in Senate in 2005, but voted Yes on a similar bill in 2000.
  • Dennis Kucinich - No - His statement here.
  • Barack Obama - No - No public statement on this bill.


Alice said...

Hilliary Clinton voted against cloture, effectively voting against bankruptcy deform. After cloture passed, ending the filibuster, she left to be with her husband who was in the hospital.

I support drafting Gore, but I think we should be fair to HRC.

cls said...

Yes, I thought that's what I was saying. The only one amongst the current group of candidates that supported the bankruptcy bill was Joe Biden. Sorry if I didn't make that clear, but I did say that IF HRC had been there she would have vote NO.

. said...

Just for thoroughness, all the Republicans currently running for President, who were Senators or Representatives at the time (McCain, Brownback, Tancredo, and Paul) voted for the bill as well.

cls said...

Since this is a Democratic blog, I am only dealing with Democratic candidates. At this point the Rs aren't even in my field of vision.