February 6, 2007

Better Know a Candidate - Mike Gravel

Dullard Mush does the heavy lifting with an email interview with Mike Gravel (pronounced Gra-VEL). I heard Gravel getting interviewed on Politically Direct last night on AAR. Pretty interesting guy. His web site link can be found to the right----->

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bosoxdod said...

He's a candidate with backbone. He took on the Nixon Administration to end the draft and released the Pentagon Papers so that the American people would get the true story of the lies and deception that behind the Vietnam War. Sound familiar? Spread the word -- Gravel's the real deal. You won't hear it in the standard media -- all driven by big $$. It's up to we the people. As Gravel says: "Let the People Decide". Check out his website and read what he said before all of the regulars in Washington this past weekend. A man who tells it like it is -- no beating around the Bush. Now more than ever, we need such a candidate in the race!!