February 4, 2007

Better Know a Candidate, Part I - DNC winter meeting

The DNC had its winter meeting this past weekend and all candidates and maybes were on hand to give speeches. I checked their web sites to see what they had posted.

  • Joe Biden (video) (text)
  • Hillary Clinton (video) (text)
  • Chris Dodd (video) (text)
  • John Edwards (video) (text)
  • Mike Gravel (video) (text)
  • Dennis Kucinich (nothing on web site)
  • Barack Obama (nothing on web site)
  • Bill Richardson (video) (text)
  • Tom Vilsack (video) (text)
All speeches are up at the DNC web site

DNC rules of engagement:

  • Order of speaking done by lottery
  • Each candidate was given seven minutes to speak (methinks this was a bit optimistic on the DNC's part - 15 minutes per candidate would have been more realistic- but then again...if they were given 15 minutes would they have taken 30?)
  • One minute introduction to be given by a DNC officer chosen at random (not to be considered an endorsement of said candidate by person giving introduction)
  • 30 seconds of intro music
  • 100 signs scattered evenly throughout room

C-SPAN coverage can be found here. (I only see 2/2/2007 session so far) Besides the speeches, the 2/2 session included the Treasurer's Report by Andy Tobias (you will find it right after the Kucinich speech which ends at 2:17). Andy makes the report with enthusiasm and really clues us in on how well the DNC is doing and how much it has increased its donor base.

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