February 23, 2007

Howard Dean has something to say about the Fox debate dust-up

From today's San Francisco Chronicle:

For now, the Democratic Party's leaders are ready to work with Fox even if they get burned by the network that uses the tagline "fair and balanced" for its coverage. The lead player is Dean, who was elected as party chair on a strategy to appeal to voters in all states, a strategy that was supported by many liberal bloggers.

"This is about talking to voters, not a network," Dean said Thursday. "While the Fox News Channel rarely has coverage that is fair and balanced, we believe that Fox viewers, who are potential voters, should have the opportunity to see a debate between our candidates. These forums provide an important unfiltered opportunity for potential voters to see Democrats without the bias of the network."
From the same article:
Nevada Democratic Party spokeswoman Kirsten Searer sought to tamp down concerns about Fox's influence on the broadcast. Each major decision about the debate, Searer said, "from the background on the stage to the debate moderator, will be reached by mutual agreement of the state party, Western Majority Project (a coalition of western Democratic politicians) and Fox News.

"A 50-state strategy means talking to every American. The debate in August is not an endorsement of Fox. Instead, it is an effort to reach out to Fox viewers. We will not win elections if we don't win over new people."


Jane Fleming, executive director of Young Democrats of America, appears as a guest on Fox News two or three times a week, often as the lone liberal tangling with some of Fox's conservative personalities. She doesn't support, as some have advocated, freezing out the network -- refusing to appear on-air as a liberal counterpoint.

"The thing is, if we don't appear, there are plenty of Democrats Fox will find who aren't really Democrats -- they're just people who will agree with the host all the time," Fleming said. "We need to be on there pushing back."

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Not Your Mama said...

"We need to be on there pushing back."

Ditto. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.