February 16, 2007

Kristaponis is out

Well, the message has been sent by the Lyon County Commission: If you do the job we hired you to do and do it well, if we don't like you, we'll reward you by canning your ass. By all accounts Donna Kristaponis has been a stellar Lyon County Manager.

But instead of working through the personalty conflict at the heart of this, Phyllis Hunnewill, Don Tibbals and Bob Milz voted yesterday to fire Donna Kristaponis for no cause. Larry McPherson and Leroy Goodman voted to retain her.

An interim county manager has been brought on. So, we lose a good county manager and we have to wait while the county goes through the hiring process of finding another one. Yeah, that's an effective use of time and money when we have so many other issues facing this county. And it begs the question: will we find as qualified a candidate as Kristaponis? And given the treatment that she received, why would such a candidate even apply for the position?

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