February 25, 2007

Lyon County Dems on the move

Last night the Lyon County Democrats hosted their Spaghetti Feed and Dessert Auction. T'was a great success with a full house and open wallets. Kudos to County Commissioner Don Tibbals and his wife Joy for attending. No other county officials attended, though the invitation was extended.

Jill Derby was the keynote speaker and also personally greeted everyone in the room. My goodness I love that woman!

The Lyon County Dems started a tradition last night by honoring their first ever Volunteer of the Year. The award went to Nancy Hendricks, tireless volunteer for the LCDCC. Unfortunately, Nancy is moving to Reno at the end of the month, so Lyon County's loss is Washoe County's gain.

Charlie Lawson, pinch hitting for Leslie Sexton who got felled by the flu, did a great job as our dessert auctioneer.

Special thanks to Western Nevada Supply for donating a gas grill for the raffle grand prize.

Anyhoo - I'm pooped. Many thanks, again, to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make the evening a success.

And I can't let Bill Stayton go unmentioned. Bill is a solid volunteer at the Siver Springs Senior Center and when he heard the Dems were going to have their fundraiser there he popped me an email saying that he helped with all the fundraisers there, that he was a good Democrat, and could he help out with the event. He told me he was deaf, but he could read lips or have me write things down. Uh, "helping" would not come close to the work Bill did yesterday. He knows his way around the kitchen and pretty much took things over and kept us all on track. Thanks so much Bill!!

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