February 25, 2007

Next on my "to read" list - It Can Happen Here

I can't wait to read Joe Conason's new book. SusanG (one of my favorite bloggers at DailyKos) reviews it here. Here's a snippet:

Conason, after introducing a bare-bones synopsis of It Can’t Happen Here, breaks his own book into digestible sections, beginning with "The ‘Post-9/11 Worldview’ of Karl Rove," which explores the rise of the notion that this nation is at permanent war, that civil liberties must be surrendered for our own protection and that anyone who questions this philosophy is a traitor. The second section, "Lawlessness and Order," outlines the often under-the-radar rise of restrictions and controls more closely associated with a police state than a functioning democracy. The third section, "State Secrets and Unofficial Propaganda," examines the manipulation of the compliant media in advancing – and rarely questioning – an authoritarian national agenda. The fourth section, "The Corporate State of Grace," reviews the history of the coupling of corporate America and the religious right – and what both parties are getting out of the partnership that superficially appears to share disparate aims. The final section, "The Revenge of Nixon’s Heirs," traces the careers of those responsible for strengthening the idea of the unitary executive, from the reign of the man who asserted there were no limits on the president in wartime to the current officeholder who has adopted the same attitude – with the alarming advancement of more sophisticated and proven techniques over his predecessor.
For further reference: It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis

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