February 6, 2007

Republicans - Pathetic puling pantywaists

So, Republicans in the Senate blocked debate on the non-binding, slap on the wrist (not even!) Iraq resolution. Even John Warner, who proposed the damn thing, stuck his tail between his legs and voted with his party. For Republicans, party trumps everything. No words can describe my disgust at these pieces of s**t. They are not worthy of their office and they are most certainly not worthy of the trust of a single American.

And Democrats? Clue phone! This is what you get for trying to compromise with these bastards. Follow Russ Feingold and speak truth to power. Half measures and playing nice with the Republicans is not what the voters called for in November.

Furthermore, the American people (remember us?) want this debate. We oppose the escalation by a 2 to 1 margin. Enough with the talking. Enough with the amendments. Are you ever going to send a message to his Imperial Majesty, George W. Bush? Or are you just going to keep on engaging in one-up-man-ship and whistling past the graveyard while our military are killed and maimed? While our blood and treasure are being poured on the sands of Iraq? This isn't a game, it's deadly serious.

Senator John Sununu, a Republican of New Hampshire who is also up for re-election next year, acknowledged that voters were likely to be unhappy with the procedural wrangling over an issue as grave as Iraq.
Ya think?

Republicans, so afraid of George W. Bush that they can't even talk about the war. It might embolden the terrorists! Really!! I thought we were supposed to be standing up to the terrorists, not letting them control us. And Republicans are supposed to be the party that can protect US? Hell, they can't even stand up to one man. Pathetic puling pantywaists.

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Not Your Mama said...

Pathetic puling pantywaists

I like that. Too bad we have to be as hardcore as the rightwingers have been to be heard but I figured out quite a while back that THAT seems to be what "the voters" want and I didn't make the rules.

Must suck to be them when we use their own weapons upon them.